Just Another Number

What can you say

When you see the news on TV

Another school shooting

 It’s only the beginning of 2018

How can it be so many

How many Americans are going to die

By the hands of another American

How can we tell the children

Every day they go to school

There is a chance that they will never return

Isn’t school suppose to be safe

Then why does it only bring fear

Aren’t we suppose to learn about education

 Yet we learn how to stay safe

Safe from the bullets flying through the air

Safe from another peer

We are reminded every day we step foot inside school we may never go home

We are reminded by the fences that makes a school look like a prison

We are reminded by the police with every corner we take in the halls

We are reminded to tell our parent good bye and I love them every morning

Because it might be our last time telling them

We are reminded our death will just be another number

A number which will add up to millions

All because our safety is not more important than the right to bear arms


This poem is about: 
My country


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