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What do you see when looking at me from afar? Staring at me with those stones in your eye sockets. The lava pours over the top and out my ears.
Take the fluff from my head. It grows scratchy, scruffy—twists itself into wire.. barbed wire. Why do we I try to coil this stuff—fluff  now sharp around our paper souls?
Dear Poetry, Do you see? There she goes that innocent girl, a rule follower and honest to a fault,
I burned. I fell into a pit. It was dark and empty and suffocating And I was alone.   I wanted to scream But I couldn't, Because if I screamed It would wake everyone up
poetry, poetry, poetry beyond my wildest dreams there you stand gracefully when I am drowning in a sea of pain you save me while I sing my sufferings you find ears to listen
Individualized with status and personality, People are nonetheless the same. Religious beliefs, race, and anatomy— All flow in a similar vein.  
Sorrow, sad, excited, estatic They can describe the moods of poems. The power of poetry from Shakespeare to Sexton to Stern.  Their power of poetry have led me to feelwhile reading.
Once I read a poem So boring and old. It consisted of rhymes  And a lesson untold. I analyzed the poem, scrutinizing it with my eyes. Yet the true meaning remained hidden, never to abide.
At night I don't cry I lie in the midst of my thoughts Thoughts that fail to catch up with me in daylight How much longer till the next day I toss and turn till I end up with pen in hand
Poetry Gives me a chance to say The things my voice can’t manage, And it has taught me That sometimes you say more By not saying anything at all Or just by saying less. You can find more meaning
what is change? how  can you change? when changing, comes  learning comes? what is change, if you learn the power of words. what is change, what can you do just by say.
Words spring from the page I am encapsulated in a boundless realm Reality dissociates into the inevitable end I am delivered into the arms of comfort   The appealing illusion of vitality appears
There is a great din in this world Bellowing and clanging, crashing and banging, It consumes all voices Too timid to shout above the clamor. I was one such timid voice - I feared make a sound
Let us be unique, Not be forced to follow trends Enforced by the world.
 Oh, how your words hit like a leaf.  Gentle and fresh, but sharp and calm. Touched by the hands of God, you see everything. Peaceful, watchful, mindful.  Mind FULL of pain and sorrow. Worries draining hopeful emotions and a fear of tomorrow.
One day you will wake up and the world will be turned on its axis.  
Poetry is an insight to the soulPowerful images built with wordsEmotions drawn from rhymeThere is a world in poetryA story to be heard and cherishedLike a book condensed to linesSimple phrases, hidden meanings Look at a person like a poemAnalyse,
It's been a little over a year, Typing on this keyboard, With lingering thoughts that bare, Wondering why I kept silent, For all this time, When poetry etches the deepest fragments,
Deadlines are creeping We need scholarships badly Please give me money
The way I work everything out; from how I work words with my mouth, to the way I decide to go out, to whether I whisper or shout, is all just a matter of choice.  
I've never been too close to the edge of my universe I've only gotten to close to the edge of the beach that Flat-Earthists would tell me I'd fall off I've seen stars up close
I'm a fan of Eminem. From 'Without Me' to 'Walk on Water', from his voice to his rhymes, and from Slim Shady to Marshall Mathers.
A poem is like a pair of glasses Lenses I can flip down Rose tinted, perhaps, but With them on, I can see flecks of gold among the dirt
What if, all I have  is what you give me  each soft strand of grease  already fraying before you can cut them off the color of too tired almonds  that you'll never notice 
My life My heart My story   Broken sidewalks Abandoned buildings Shattered glass   Broken minds Abandoned children Shattered hearts   My life My heart
I walk the face of earth once more,a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.The creaky bones, the bad eyesight,yet the chance to turn wrong to right.Wars-a-waging, old man’s guilt,
I hear voices singing differently Through written words Whether penciled on a page Or formed through the rapid dancing of fingers On a yielding keyboard   Words that are composed within the mind
Poetry. A one way ticket to express your brain.  Poetry. Where else can it set you free. Poetry. It has been my escape. Poetry. Taught me to how to believe.
A girl sits, head buried in hands, eyes burning with unshed tears, troubled spirit tearing at her innards. Images swim before her, memories of agonizing days gone by -  her mother's furious face,
Through the heartbreak and tears  writing is what made all my problems disappear  freeing the thoughts trapped inside my head  lost feelings written down on my paper words I embed 
Speaking a whole new language Desperately telling stories Creating your own flow, and I almost forget That this is my passion. A nation of letters Giving you a deep feeling Inside.
I don’t like talking About the things that hurt me. I am much too weak.   I’m always quiet. Too afraid to even breathe,
Poerty taught me it's OK to FeelPoetry taught me if you can't say it, write itPoetry taught me Feeling and Thinking are OKBut I hate that sometimes,because no one's gonna read it anyways
Between these lines, Are truth and lies, Love and heartbreak, Worlds that are stake   Hidden words unexplainable, Where hopeful days are unattainable, They are fighting words  
To write words on a page with a single stroke of a pen is similar to an artist, who paints on their canvas carefully with a mere paintbrush.   To simply rhyme in each line
Be brave little angel it'll be okay, Close your eyes tomorrow is another day. Spread your wings take flight, Together we'll win this fight. Put down the razor put down the knife,
What has poetry taught me?   Poems words are used to inspire People to believe People to dream People to succeed    Poetry shows the beauty  Of the world around us Seen and unseen
Poetry is not just words put together. What I see is an experience Told with feeling and emotion. Through a window of words I learn of their struggle, their dreams, their life. To live is to learn. 
Society has many expectations Leaving in me lasting implications How I always failed in propriety So I have yet to scape anxiety I have never been in the norm
Once upon a time there lived a girl. She hid away in her tower. You see she’s not a princess, there’s not a prince who comes and saves her.
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