beauty; self discovery; self-esteem; bravery

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Being, not existing as an entity To witness and not to partake Knowing without understanding
I thought that I trusted youBut yet, Everyday I still question youWhy oh why can't I ever just believe in youEven though you are usually right, I still have trouble believing in you. But really who are you? You are me. You are my brain. Sometimes
Eyes wide The air was dry The tension high That living room became a place Of surprise  
Live like a lion. Rummage up a roar. Protect what is precious. Hunt out of hunger Love larger than life.    
I don't know who I am except: Borrowed atoms Bad timing And love   I don't know where I am except this moment With a smoke in my hand, My hair in the wind
I came from the moon- A crater left in the wake  Of a girl who couldn't stay still The changing faces of my father Trying to find the daughter he carved- Never content because he can't find me
Dear Dylan, I am stronger In body not mind My own brain has gone blind The days longer than that of the dreams of the redhead once wild soon you will realize
Dear Everyone, Though the lies of your mind may chain you And judgments of society cage you Stand up.   You are yours alone. No one can own you. You are the maker of your home. Stand up
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