I thought that I trusted youBut yet, Everyday I still question youWhy oh why can't I ever just believe in youEven though you are usually right, I still have trouble believing in you. But really who are you? You are me. You are my brain. Sometimes you drive me insane.    I love you, yet I hate youYou always cause me to overthinkYou are my darknessBut you are also my light Please, let us stop this fightPlease just let me take flight Stop holding me back Holding me back from taking risksOpportunities You can’t hold me back anymoreI don’t trust youI trust meMy work is worthy My performance is worthy I am worthy    Stop looking down on meStop looking down on what I doStop making me live a life of darkness Let me live a colorful life No worriesNo doubt No questions No regrets    You do not own meI own youIt is my turn to look down on you, Just like you always do on meI plan to make you realize Realize your worthYour talentYour true colors So, stop questioning me. I know what I am talking about. You have been with me for years, Yet you still have no faith in me. It is time, time that you see you should have faith in me.      Stop living a life in black and white, Let your imagination take flight You are worth itEverything will be alright. Start living your life in the light 

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