life in a letter scholarship slam 2018

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Dear Younger Me, You do not need your friends' approval to qualify as beautiful. Just be you, that is really all that we are able to do.
Dear Lover,  I am not a puppy or a little plaything you can choose because you think I am cute,  I am not a creature you can punish for not behaving how you would like me to,
Laying in Isolation my desolated thoughts couldn't be much heavier, My head hurt as the dilenma was inconclusive, These lntertwined thoughts led my bamboozed self to the Red sea,You see? A choice was to be made,
Dear Self-Hatred, You are the dark feeling in my body Slowly drowning me in this hatred Waiting to slowly chip away at me Even the simplest words said
dear higher education, please, consider us a mutual friend. I've been eagerly anticipating your inevitable arrival for as long as I can remember. you and I, we go way back.
Dear Stress, Why do you sit on my shoulders so? Above my head you sit like a cloud Heavy, dense like the shadows at the bottom of the tree, Will you be here forever? My eternal companion. My friend
Dear Grandma Suzie, You have changed me for the better, you taught me to test my limits. You have changed me for the greater, you said make the most of every minute.
Dear bully, I wish it'd been enough to have me hiding in the stalls. I wish it'd been enough to write those mean things on the walls. Was it really necessary to throw my bag out in the rain?
My balloons never really had a name or a purpose, 
You look so tired. Are you tired of me? There's anger in you even strangers can see   Currents of hate that you  never can tame Yet you tap into the flame   Those are dangerous waters
Dear Dude, When I took those first steps... Not into the world, no Into your life. Who did I look like? I refuse to believe I didn't remind you of anyone. Perhaps... an old friend?
Dear Mother, Do you see me now? Sitting in front of you, smiling, seething? Mother, do you see how angry I am? Do you see the anger you gave me,
Dear EE, You left with out saying goodbye, which made my heart melt in pain and sigh. I know we never really seen eye to eye, but you’re the only guy that I love and hate to say goodbye.
Dear Dimples,  I miss you… Do you miss me? My brain only allows me to remember all the good memories even though I tried to remember the bad ones and move on. Even though you have only been gone for a few months
I loved you And you gave me so much I didn't know what to do You gave me not one, not two, but three kisses before you left me when you had to go You paid for my meals even when I didn't want you to ...
Dear Mom, I’m sorry I’m not who you want me to be, I’m sorry I’m not perfect, Not even a little bit, or even at all, I am loud and, clumsy and, messy, I make a lot of mistakes,
  For the longest time, I walked hand in hand with you. You led me like a foreigner in a bustling city full of life. I wanted to experience the foreign world but,
To Whom I Loved,   I extend to you now the tendrils of memory that so often slip between my thoughts, those sentiments I alone harbor and suppress,
Dear Democracy, You have shown your roses and your thorns to the world. You have shined in revolutions and dulled in wars. We have, even if not completely, followed you.
I can't forgive you. My walls built up,  Protected me. I was once a flower,  Growing in the spring. Now, I'm withering, Dying in the summer sun. I can't forgive you.
Dear heart,   You have often been overworked Not because you've been lifting weights or running marathons but simply because You've been wondering When will everything be okay?  
"Stop overthinking”You say it as if it's easy, As if I could just flip a switch and end the constant mental processes
The days are long, but life is so short. I might be wrong; feel free to retort. Some treat it as a type of sport, Wisely choose with whom you consort.
Dear, Lady Who Told Me to "Get it Together"   Nobody tells you how sharp it feels, like a chord snapping and curling up on the e-string of a violin, how it means walking on the eggshells 
Dear potential lover, You try to let me down easy. But each time I find myself  falling harder than the last. Do you know how much it hurts when you push me away?  I feel unwanted. 
To the Dreamers, To those who spend their time immersed in books and stories; Dreaming of a more fantastical world than our own.   Why? They ask.
Title of poem: Miracle  Dear Mom and Dad,  When you first saw my eyes, I was a newborn Born at 23 weeks premature, a miracle As I grew, my parents were lyrical “Look at this baby, she is a miracle!”The doctors were doubtful, my parents were artful
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