From a Fellow Dreamer

To the Dreamers,

To those who spend their time immersed in books and stories;

Dreaming of a more fantastical world than our own.


Why? They ask.

Because it allows us to escape.

Escape from our mundane lives.


The touch of a book.

The cracking of the spine.

The rustle of pages turning.


Immediately you are transported into another world

Where anything is possible.

A place where love is real,

Where the prince saves the princess,

Where dragons roam the skies and mermaids in the ocean,

A place where your only worry is the character’s well-being.


Close the book

And problems rush in.

You are back in reality.


Shouts from downstairs,

Broken friendships,

The failing grade on your desk,

The endless pile of homework,



Open the book

And you are back

In that fantastical world.

All problems gone.


And so, we take back

What we have learned from these stories.

The lessons of

Love, friendship, and acceptance.

For these lessons are the key to a better reality.



A Fellow Dreamer

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Our world



this is lovely



Thank you!


I like this poem cause i can relate

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