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Your love was like a drug, you were my demon and my angel but only time could tell if we would end up in heaven or hell. Outspoken, choking, and broken I was finally awoken to your lies.
Make me a drop of rain, so when I hit the ground I can be released from my pain. Make me a drop of rain so no matter where I go even in my deepest sorrows I can be beautiful.
  Sweat, I feel it dripping down, wet. Heavy breathing  I close my eyes, hoping it’s just me dreaming. Softly touches me, I hold him tightly...   Trapped,
When you loved me, You held the only key To my heart
How is it   That the most fragile thing in our bodies are what we can't live without   The heart
The magnitude of it is earth shattering; mind altering. There’s a war inside myself and both sides are losing. I feel the sharp pangs and prods of death and destruction every time I see you. Or her. Or them.
I am the whiskey in your stomach. I wait for you to invite me inside. I sit in my place and wait for you to need me. But you only come to me when you don’t want her. Or him. Or them. You come to me when you have lost something else.
  Am I pretty enough?   Am I pretty enough? Sometimes I’m not sure, I put on this makeup, like it’s the only cure , but somewhere between my black lined eyes,  alcohol made highs,
Dear you, If I could rearrange the hands of time I'd pray to God that this time, I'd find the strength to spite you.  I'd stop myself-- from letting you engrave yourself in my smile.
Could you look me in the eye and tell me that I'm crazy? Or could you tell me to stop believing anything you say? You make things seem quite hazy As if it's some sick joke to want me to stay.  
Dear You,             Please be well young heart             I know we are alone now, and angry             I’m sorry I wasn’t better for longer             Please unfairly tell me I matter
From sunrise to sunset, I hide behind the pain- I start to feel insane. I am damaged, Oh- I am torn. Hurt- Oh why was I born? Will things change? Ever be the same? Nowadays,
That uninhibited naive little girl has ready to give her whole heart has died  She was murdered by falacies and soft lips, accompanied by the rough hands and smooth tongue of a fickle-minded lion.
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