'beautiful black woman' 'black and proud' 'love yourself' 'melanin' 'be happy' happy' 'me' 'black'

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I shimmer like gold; stun like pink diamonds My hair reaches heights, and my skin varies like the dust of the ground I am strong because of my color, and I endure because of my will I do not shake, and I do not fear
K-Pop kills demons ask any Army for the reason they stan  BTS, I guess  their fluid words were the reason I could rest When the rest of the world seemed so dark
To my love, i am like a king with no crown a knight with no honor a warrior with no praise a smith with no hammer, a child with no toy, a brain with no thought, like a woman that is childless.
Today I’m gonna take you all into a world we don’t all know. A world that contains all of Us. A world with its high’s and its lows  
I remember the first day I called myself uglyMy head was as low as my self esteemI considered myself lacking of God's grace Because I grew up in a sys
My home moved often, a trailer one day, the next a house and the last a home But I lived in my body A home that I hated and a home that I couldn't escape My ribs; a locked cage to prison a soul
I've become accustomed with silence. I know better than to raise my voice and talk about freedom and choice, because I am both a girl and black, so in society's mind I lack, the need for words. 
You hear me?   Stay to my left cuz I am right with you, I see the light in you, Bared witness to the might but as well as the spite in you, Felt blood and tears that were lead by the fight in you. 
My skin isn't pretty. Painted, ruined like graffiti. Peel back the skin, And all I find is more melanin. It's dark and tainted.
I’ve known you since you were born Your fingers equally intertwined with each other Eyes, big and brown as the skin it lives inCurls of hair, built li
Pitch black, dark brown, nappy hair- No excuse me- Natural hair, coconut oil, melanin, these are my black roses.  Who says the community defines me. Your great great grandmother and her mother 
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