'Jesus' relationship

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When do tears stop counting?
Jesus Christ was Perfect, Yet He died so He Could save me. Thank you, Jesus.
I am a child of God, Lord hear my prayers but am I the one not listening I try to figure out the game yet I struggle and cave  I know I am not perfect but isnt that what you came for
When it comes to self-sustain, There is no loss or gain.   Within your pit you stand, Surrounded high by your demands.   Shouting wants to the voices above,
I am lost in a sea of minutes and hours I am trapped in a castle, locked in it's towers I am floating through life like a leaf on a breeze I am crushed by my fears and left on my knees  
Death takes you by surprise You didn’t hope to realize that we are fragile and this life isn’t eternal Let me jot that in my journal. Let’s hope it sticks, just like this mix.
Shot down while I was broken still healing from the words unspoken. As the situations raging, I’m just flipping through His pages. Ultimately His words are the best to find healing and rest.
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