Death Shock

Death takes you by surprise

You didn’t hope to realize that we are fragile and this life isn’t eternal

Let me jot that in my journal.

Let’s hope it sticks, just like this mix.

My heart is falling haven’t felt this calling.

Bracing for the impact, can’t seem to react.

Almost paralyzed inside of an imprisoned mind.

Still wondering how I could react or process it through.

Maybe if I blew through the good times and happiness and bliss and could somehow find a balance.

Between the heart break and joyous miss.

Lord you know my heart and you have a perfect plan.

Help me to accept that and fall into your grace.

To run the race no matter the outcome.

You never cease to amaze me,

Let’s hope it doesn’t phase me.

So I get lazy and start searching for daises,

In a field of broken remedies in a world of hypocrisies.

Help me to focus, so I don’t remain hopeless.

To become a warrior in your army, and put on the armor that I keep abandoning.

In hopes of finding a better suit,

But none of them are absolute.

Still running the race, it’s a hard chase.

Can’t seem to escape,

All my misfortunes misplaced.

My past erased.

Moving onto unknown future.

Won’t be a straight shooter.

Don’t need a prosecutor.

Praying for peace and that my doubts cease.

All glory to my Savior.

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