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God is to Love, as Satan is to Hate.  Christ is to the true Word as the Anti-Christ is to Sin.  The Holy Spirit is to true Teaching as the False Prophet is to lies. 
Resonant foxes in lush of green The Prometheus espedition consumes Cupid hovers spectacularly spectating The caverns secretly securing alienation   Awaaiting a utopia derived by that familiar
Fear Conquer or be conquered they say. But I say- True courage lies in facing day by day Fear straight between the eyes, Calling out his lies.  
You awaken with bright blue eyes, They twinkle with flecks of your future.   Wrapped in the blanket of love, You are safe In your mother’s arms.  
Things didn’t change in the past few years We just view things differently because our vision is now clear  We witness the uproar in our communities We witness the trend, the everylasting continuity
Brightness, Five leaps of electricity  Bringing darkness into the light Giving sight unto the blind   Banishing shadows into the oblivion  No questions asked Not a statement more 
I talk about Protest, they think that I’m just adding more stress But I cannot stop because We need progress
I am So Absolutely Terribly Sorry. This light Generated by my screen Isn’t enough to Fix me
The Truth It hurts It hurts worse than the worst pain you’ve ever felt And people They don’t get it They tell you
Love Enters Reality Someday.   Previously, it was me before you.   It’s now lost time.   Seeing you hurts.   It is necessity.   What is “it?”
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