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A lot can happen in a moment. It may be dim, or a change that's brilliant. The end of one life, the start of another; A war waging between sister and brother. Sometimes it's a small change, sometimes large, 
The past three years have been the hardest strongest most vulnerable time of my life. 2016 granny died suddenly, stage 4 pancreatic cancer two weeks, three days, gone. 
Press start to begin Fighter thrown into battle Decked out in armor   It is just a game It’s a game you want to win Excited, you run  
You raised me, seven-five-zero-six-three, Biryani, and sense of community. “Most diverse zip code,” statistically. Thank you for painting me the way I am.  
The doors begin to open, And time begins to flow, As reality is broken, A world begins as an embryo.   So much to do, So much to learn,
Dreams die;  some after the dreamer deceases,  some before.  Perhaps this is because the world,  restless and translucent, demands great things from every individual. 
Poetry seemed easy; A simple rhyming, kiddy-scheme. If you look a little closer; You'll find out what they might really mean. So, You Should Never Read Poems With Your Eyes Closed.  
The tranquility of the living earth Has brought me peace inside But mainly because the things I see For others it will hide   As I coast along this busy world I question myself here
Put that gun down Young one. You may be feeling red, But you’ll be seeing red. If you use that there gun.   It won’t solve Nothing. But cause a whole lot of Dread, 
The Message For Many   Words on the page, All black, white and blue, A message inside meant for one But can be shared with many too
Run forward While the wind pushes you back. Raise your hands toward the sky, Soon you’ll see the stars That shyly hide behind the clouds.
Two Minutes Every year, there are more and more damaged humans, from every age, race, gender, and places. Those predators are shameless and ruined
Your smoked filled eyes Holding the thing in your hands, Precious, you say. Your smoked filled eyes, Holding the lies you told me “Friends”, you say
I get bitter when I think about you Skin burning Blood convulsing just below the surface Angry not that you are gone But at the way you left.  
  Call it what you must! I dare you! I dare you to use that tongue to dirty the air.       Let its  smell spoil,your words decomposition    what you said has expired, in this persent.
Title of poem: Miracle  Dear Mom and Dad,  When you first saw my eyes, I was a newborn Born at 23 weeks premature, a miracle As I grew, my parents were lyrical “Look at this baby, she is a miracle!”The doctors were doubtful, my parents were artful
Dear 2018,   A blank slate, I look upon this table rase, And wonder what words shall soon appear on the ancient histories of this age. C’est a-dire une revolution 
  Lately I’ve grown aware Of my habit for lashing out, my cold fits My disenchanting flare and I know my pride's laid bare
Dear 2017, I dont hate you, As much as I wish I could. Dear 2017, You have taught me many lessons, Including how to make love, hate, despise and let go. Dear 2017, You brought me many joys,
You have a little melanin, you're not welcome.   The scarf on your head and your loose clothes says you support terrorism, go back to where you came from.  
Real Friends are a rarity. They come with consistency. Prosperity. And good qualities.   They are the ones  Who are always around Not just when they need you,
Tragedy in the modern world, I️ can’t help feeling that I’m gonna hurl,
October 7th, 2017 Today was a horrible day. There have been more and more days like today. And I met a boy. He smokes cigarettes, and hits me when he drinks. He tells me I am worthless.
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