To 2017: Sincerely, A Lost Girl

Dear 2017,

I dont hate you,

As much as I wish I could.

Dear 2017,

You have taught me many lessons,

Including how to make love, hate, despise and let go.

Dear 2017,

You brought me many joys,

Two new kittens, a new adventure and one amazing love

Dear 2017,

You broke me,

And you broke my family.

Dear 2017,

You took my family and crumpled it,

Like paper thrown around by an artist.

Dear 2017,

You came into open arms,

But you left me with a hole in my back,

Filled with financial burden, depression, endless tears and loathing.

Dear 2017,

I don't hate you,

But god I wish I could so I can let go and move on.

Dear 2017,

I hope 2018 is better than you.


A lost little girl,

Unsure about nothing.

This poem is about: 
My family


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