Call it impulse


Call it what you must!

I dare you!

I dare you to use that tongue to dirty the air. 

     Let its  smell spoil,your words


  what you said has expired, in this persent.

It is no longer appropriate to digest toxic behavior. 


I dare you!

I dare you to use those hands and attempt to snatch at innocence.

       Innocence is under new protection, its guardian has eyes and ears.

Your hand has been slapped and you complain about the reach.


I dare you!

I dare you to cry, and fake illness by doubling over to hide your simper.

          There is no fever, your temperature is normal and your vision is fine.

It is time to face the mirror that you had smiled at with so much self-confidence.


Where is your pride now, with your book wide open? 

Everyone read your chapters. 

       There is no more blaming your pawn of pleasure.

Call it what you must!

Make yourself feel better!


      Make your inferno seem like an innocent playground...I dare you.

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