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Giving Mother Earth A Chance Mother Earth, our little blue planet, our home Why does she cry? She cries because we are hurting her, abusing her
Before fall- in the hot season, There is a time of treason. In the summer breeze, I found my feet frozen, This day I was talking to the trees, When suddenly- I heard a scream.
As The Days Go By, Children laugh and play, later grow up to run and hide away The ghetto streets are the gateway to hell, soon they will grow only to hear the prison bells.
The enviroment is a tree And most can agree That us human beings Are the plauge of the tree To a certain degree The roots absorb, the polluted water
This startedWhen the Gods chose death to be man's allotment.   And though they were wary of our pleas and demandsThe Gods kept life inside of their hands  
We have become comfortable with our lifestyles to the point where we ignore what is happening to the world around us.   Can't you see the afternoon sky, violet with the polutants of man?
What would the earth do if I outlast forever? The trees will perish The flowers will relinquish But life will continue on
A summer breeze A winter’s freeze She cycles annually with ease   A thankless offer And yet we rob her Of her finite gifts   We take, we take She breaks and breaks
Leave me alone i need to grow you fly, you push me away let not you be my owner but your souls of my creation
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