little red riding hood

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Sometimes I feel like chicken little and no one else seems to see that the sky is falling and that I’m not strong enough to carry it.   Frantically fighting to get out of the way
Once upon a time in a dusty woodThere was a girl named Lil' Red From the HoodShe had skin so brown and teeth so whiteThis girl even knew how to put up a fight
When she was a little girl Without her cloak Without her crimson-red shield She was innocent, full of light, full of life  
She had one job. One simple job. She must've went back for the basket. ... And her Fitbit. Kids these days.   Steps don't count themselves, You know. If you don't get 10,000
Once Upon A Time... Little Red, Little Red.Read stories in her bed.Being the daughter of hunters she thought she would be loved.Until they realized she carried the beast within her blood.
double double, toil and trouble... the firelight quivers with every rumble; the old woman's hands stir up the pot; the air is stale with the smell of rot--  
My mother gave me a basket of food, a map And the warning, “Remember your place in the food chain.”   I nodded and left, hood overhead
Little girl, little girl with eyes so blue Where do you go with empty baskets beside you? “Worry not, as you see, I am on a mission.
Little Red and the Wolf Once upon a time somewhere far, far in the woods there lived a little Girl in Red who was raised to be "good".   How good? Very good.
I was given to her on her thirteenth birthday A bright red hood to symbolize her first red moon   Given to a girl who's grandmother loved her dearly
Once upon a time in a land faraway Lived a little Old Lady in the middle of the wood. Now this Old Lady had left the village long ago For she did not care what the villagers were tellling her that she should.
It starts with a girl and a wicked pair of shoes That she swiped from her father’s closet. It starts with slicked back hair and a video of Presley Twisting away for the girls who saw it.
Once upon a time there was a young girl in trouble She needed to pay for college but she had no money So she crafted up a devious plan It was so disturbing and dark she could not bring herself to say it out loud
Hunger drives anyone mad. Food used to be plenty. Water never-ending. Then humans came.   Trees chopped. Food hunted down to no end. The pack chopped down. Soon it was only me.
When Red was a babe Her granny had said, "If you're ever in trouble, use your hood made of red"   Now we all know the tale of that little red hood that caused so much trouble
One day, in a small little village A small girl awoke from her bed She walked up to her father and smiled As he laid his hand upon her head. He asked her to deliver a basket To a distant relative who lived nearby He warned her about the monster at
It was pure luck I saw her from far away From the darkness of the brush And I prepare my jaws to crush   Her name was Little Red
A fairy tale kingdom was ravaged by storm With snow blanket making the landscape transform. The forest was barren, no creature in sight; All went into hiding, prepared for the night.  
she still wears red.   it is no longer the color of her innocence,  the rosewine cloak of her youth, but she still wears red.   red is lipstick the color of blood, is painted fingernails,
There were whispers of a wolf in the wind. The Wolf, the wind said. The Wolf hunts at the night For you, your children, your lives  
Once upon a time, In a forest not far from here, There lived a family of wolves, Pack is the technical term,
Little Red Nametag goes on a walk She's spent half of her day at her job on the clock And retail pays well and it gives her a living, But customer service isn't worth the penny.
  “You be careful, young lady” “Yes, mother” Whatever. Like I’m never Careful.  
A red hooded figure appeared Midnight shadows scattered In the abby off tress a reflection glared The hairy, smelly, dreaded worlf showed Red eyes glared back, wold and hood The mirror showed the truth
A red hooded figure appeared Midnight shadows scattered In the abby off tress a reflection glared The hairy, smelly, dreaded worlf showed Red eyes glared back, wold and hood The mirror showed the truth
Like blood matting fur, the hunger stems down the spine, sweetest torment. And echoes in fear, a flash, blind Contrast – the forest awash with red, swirling, the scent in the breeze, buzz
The Wolf slipped into the woods moving like an eastward trade wind. Swift, invisible, predatory, these were the traits he and his ancestors relied on for time immemorial,
We know the story of Red Riding Hood And that lecherous wolf she met in the wood But what if the wolf hadn't wanted a snack? Would Red have been able to find her way back?  
The Wolf Why am I always seen as the enemy? So what I ate granny? She was behind on her business. She hasn’t paid The Boss for her house
Red was little She lived in the Hood Being alone was just no good. She went to Granny's In her low-rider Blasting 2Pac
Over the hills and through the woods,  by the bank of the creek, Little Red Riding Hood stopped to take a drink. The water was scummy and warmish and slow,  and on the bank, red mushrooms did grow. 
A crazy grandmother A blood red shawl A stuck-up step-mother A Prince’s Ball   Ember
I was bringing you cookies and treats to you Grandma But on the way a great big wolf stopped me! I escaped him and ran home to you, but he had gotten to you first Grandma!  
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