Kids These Days

She had one job.

One simple job.

She must've went back for the basket.

... And her Fitbit.

Kids these days.


Steps don't count themselves,

You know.

If you don't get 10,000

Apparently you're out of shape.

Kids these days.


I really don't know why

She isn't here yet.

Punctuality shows

Respect for your elders.

Kids these days.


Oh, were granddaughters

Always so directionally challenged?

Perhaps she should use an app;

What's it called, Goggle Maps?

Kids these days.


You used to be able

To find your way -

Nowdays, everyone cluelessly strays

From the path.

Kids these days.


Just because you're "Friends"

Or like someone's Instachat

Doesn't mean you should

Actually follow them!

Kids these days.


Kids these days -

You wait and see,

That child will be

The death of me.

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Our world
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