America the Great Scholarship

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We pride ourselves on being safe but the only ones who can comfortably walk down the street are the ones crumbling the roads beneath the rest of us money being the only way of communication
America The beautiful, Broken promise. Inscribed forever on A plaque more cracked Than the Bell:
America the Great is a place Said to be the greatest space For values idealized by our forefathers. Values such as speech and the individual
Identity war!      People vetted. People gone.           Thought this was our home.
An unsettling unrest in a country known for peace.  Manslaughter but not if the cop was confronting someone of color. 
It´s the Land of the free and the home of the brave Yet we are not free when we are bound by hate A mothers heart is torn out when her son is deployed
U.S.A, the land of the Founding Fathers or is it the land of the American Originals? This is the country of extreme responders every decade a new movement the country where I am Free.
A group of kids make a political joke This group of kids call themselves “woke” But what if I spoke But what if I broke The silence The violence All you'll see is defiance America the Great?
America has this image, where it says "All are welcome". But once you come here and you are not  white and a Christian then it is not great  In 2015 hate crimes against race/ethinc background rose to 59.2%,
Dear America, I miss our sunlit days and endless lawns, The way dusk lit up our concrete suburb. We held hands in the perfumed grass that night.
 The national anthem says,  "Land of the Free"  but we are not free.    How can we be when      Just being ourselfves  gets us ridiculed.    When we can't love who we want 
This country has its history One that is forever stitched into the flag That flies high, swaying to each breeze that passes by But can it ever be great to those who live every day
2016 was a year of patriotism Fifteen years since 9/11 Over one hundred Olympic medals And the election of President 45 that is changing many American lives  
To our country's fathers I write,for my father and many others: My country or is it?Land of the free? Bullshit.This is no country to me.This is no land of the free.The 'free' here feel contained.
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