'Girls' 'originality' 'feminist' 'me' 'small' 'strong'

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The signature hand felled paper These fingers come in five on one Paper felt soft for finger write Walk that paper, like a treadmill run.  
Not all girls like chocolates and Teddy bears And husbands to be millionaires. Some girls love Video games, adventures and sneakers over high heels.
The lure of untainted flower, Its sweet perfume encased in a whorl. Alas! That which I await is scarce. This memory will be banished tomorrow. Tomorrow ,
She always keeps her memory in her present. Lest she forget and all will be to no avail. She keeps her memories in an arsenal of introspection in preparation for the battle.
I dream of the puddles from April rains of the pink candy floss sugar fluff at the fair  of holding hands while crossing the streets  of the warm hugs and pats on the head of the innocence, oh the innocence 
I want to ride on the back of bees I truly wish you would recognize me I claw into myself I clean it up I get thrown in the trash for the garbage pickup I display raw strength
Stand  Stand up because today is not yesturday and the past is not the future  Stand  Stand up because today the world can be diffrent the world can change because you can make it change  Stand 
My, oh my, Mama Bear is panicking   The look on her face of her eaten porridge is the regret of our traveling   My, oh my, Papa Bear is angry  
Once upon a midnight dreary Cinderella could see her future clearly A life in a house With step-mother louse Cinderella's eyes got quite bleary.   Enough of this! She blarted As she stood
We were raised to share our thoughts 
As you walk down the street Women, girls stop to Look you up and down To give you jealous looks And you can see in their faces That they are judging you How silly of them 
But why,why should I change the name that has been an X chromosome legacy passed down from our mothers and all the women before them who have been pushed so far into the hole of oppression, canyon sealed so no one could hear their scream
Sunglass Cover the face  so no one can see girl let no one in girl
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