The Strange Things


Cover the face 

so no one can see girl

let no one in girl

focus girl

makeup isn't enough girl



Spikes for its purpose

narrow throughout , 

Used for one way never thought of any different 

Could it be that the way

only one purpose 

maybe oh maybe 

Just maybe 



Lost in memory 

Everyone is connected 

Face it can't escape it

Ranges over miles but no conversation is near 

We all start to fear

Too small for our purpose 



Nappy girl happy girl 

Curls coming from the head to face girl 

Flow one way girl 

not the other girl 

Wind Blows try to stay put girl 

Comb, brush, but the curls seems to do its own thing girl 

Come on girl 

Time is ticking girl 

Let's go ! Leave now girl 





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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