'moving on'

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tock continues to tick and takes this train hostage; loops, speeds, nearly tips the conductor hangs with one hand  Gripping the footplate for dear life, 
sometimes the hardest jump is into shallow water because you know that you’ll be ever so safe but it leaves you wondering
From destruction, comes Life When one door closes, another door opens I spent to long holding on I spent to long crying Now today, my other door opened I found someone to help me move on
I had a dream once that turned to nightmares   right after seeing it with clarity  
She had a smile like the sun; I would do much To feel its warmth upon me again.   She would always feed the birds; The joy she felt, I heard Just from looking up to her eyes.  
Dear Class of 2018, High School is supposed to be the best years of your life. I hope that’s not true.
Hey Fear,   What’re you still doin’ here? I told you to go Cause you always bring me down So low – A simple question’s all it takes To make my hands shake Like my life’s at stake
This isn't a letter of bitter regret  This isn't a letter I thought I would send   But sitting here now, after it all Feeling unwanted, feeling so small,  
Dear,AFFLICTION  I’m GLOWING UP and GROWING UP. That may upset most, and make many envy. Some may say “oh she’s acting new” or “she think she pretty” Never that honey. Honestly, this has always been there.
White teeth, dig into cherry red lips, trickling down with crimson blood. Rough hands, pound through chipped walls,
“ CINDERELLA!!!”                        “ CINDERELLA!!!!!!” “ CINDERELLA !!!!!!!”   Here our heroine lies On the floor for the daiy cries
Little by little I'm learning to swim In this silent ocean made of endless dropsA drop, a memory, a fragment of myselfThey surround each stroke, as I hope not to stop  
I’m moving on, From who you made me, I’m looking ahead to a new life, To each and every discovery.   I’ll never be enough for you,
I awoke to find my passion was driven away. The reassurance that I was supposed to be here, had left its sudden stay. An engineer I am to be or so I thought - The cool shadow of ambiguity miserly besets.  
From sand in my toes to scarf coverd nose year long summer  to 9 month winter family  to friends from love  to education  Florida  to Chicago Childhood Adult
And at last- I am breathing.   It is labored and it mourns what could have been,   but- I am breathing. And you are no longer my oxygen.
The words hang heavy Heavy Like rain clouds. A lot like rain clouds.   Saying them lifts a weight off you. It’s a wonderful feeling. Like how when the rain is released
I'm afraid I'm afraid of my own voice I'm afraid of my own mind I'm afraid to express my love even though it's one of a kind I baptized in diluted water Changed my voice to appear harder
Remember the way... Soft lips, Cherry balm,
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