We were destined to be friends.
It was as if the universe brought us together, and said you two need each other in your lives.
And who am I to disobey the universe.
I got you, I mean I really did if you cried I cried.
And if you died I died.
That’s how close we were.
It’s crazy how the summer can bring people together.
Bc I got closer to you than my own sister and I’ve known her my whole life.
You were different in a good way I felt at ease.
Like I could be completely bare and not feel insecure.
We trusted each other to the point where I didn’t have to make you pinky promise or pinky swear.
And I always pinky promise.
I’ve never had a best friend like you.
I wanted to be around you and talk to you every day every second.
Bc you felt like home you made me feel safe.
Like I was covered in a best friend safety shield of some sort.
I’m laughing now bc it’s crazy how quick we can trust someone we just met.
I’m not saying that I regret knowing you, but if I really knew you as well as I claim I did.
How come I didn’t see this coming.
How come I didn’t see you changing before my very eyes.
Our 3 hour talks started getting shorter.
I just assumed you were busy.
I started hearing from you once every 2 weeks and I still assumed you were busy.
And you were busy.
Busy changing.
Into someone that I no longer recognize.
Maybe it was just a summer friendship.
Perhaps the universe only wanted us to meet for a season.
I respect that I guess.
People change people grow apart.
But we weren’t just people we were best friends.
The other day you said I think we should set boundaries.
The other day you said that I’m making you uncomfortable.
All I said was I really miss you.
And I still do.
Those words hit home I guess when you meet your lover you act different.
I guess that was him saying I no longer need you in my life.
Sure it was harsh I’m not going to lie I shed a tear reading that text.
But it’s okay just remember I held your secrets and I kept them safe.
Just remember I saw you all of you.
Those memories can’t be erased.
I just want you to know I saw the good in you always even when in this world it’s easier to see the bad.
I said earlier it’s funny how the summer brings people together.
I guess I should add how the summer ending can also bring people apart.
Just a heads up.
But I’m not mad at you I’m mad at the guy who orchestrated this whole thing.
Mr. Universe you were wrong to bring me and him together just to pull him away.
You know how fragile I am I didn’t need this.
I didn’t deserve this.
Mr. Universe all I’m asking is that you never allow me to change into someone I no longer recognize.
Mr. Universe look out for him though.
Make sure his lover treats him right.
And Mr. Universe if it’s not too much maybe remind him time to time of me his best friend.
Just if you could ...... umm let him know I care.


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