Dreams Refined

I had a dream once that turned to nightmares  

right after seeing it with clarity  

It was so great 

before paradise slipped away 

leaving me alone with desolation. 


“Why does it have to be this way? 

These dreams for him 

they could’ve made me stronger" 

but those nightly visions were stealing my strength  

They were bounded by a mere troubled mortal. 


People are very much human, 

and humans very much people  

their guise as dishonest as it's real 

In remembering to feel for fakes 

I forgot to feel good for myself. 


My emotions were so strong 

yet so senselessly fragile... 

But no, I’m not a child anymore 

For I am the conductor of my great emotions 

and it's personal persistence that prevails. 


People don’t define the delicate story 

you undeniably shape for yourself 

Strangers don’t determine your fate 

and broken hearts don’t solve themselves  

But you'll piece yourself together again. 


My thoughts may be colossal tempests 

which leave me lost in the scary unknown 

But even the fiercest storms can subside 

Even dreams can be beautifully refined.


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