Are You Sorry?

I'd say I've missed you, but that's a lie.

But that doesn't matter, cause you'll always be with me.


I haven't thought about you in a while now.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about you at all.


Why did you do it?  Was I just victim material?

Or did I just deserve it, like I always told myself?


I still remember what you said, that I was helping you so please stay.

How does hurting me help you, I don’t understand.


Did you always think of that? With every little girl you saw?

Or was I the special one, the one who wouldn’t run away?


I wish I could talk to you, just to ask you why.

I’m glad I can’t talk to you so I can forget.


I remember classes on victims of abuse, but I never put myself in their shoes.

Turns out I didn’t have to, even after I left I was still there.


Times up for you now, I found someone to love me.  Who doesn’t hurt me, just cause they can.

He makes me forget about you, and I’m so happy about that.


Honestly, I just want to know.  Are you sorry?

Honestly I don’t care, I know you’ll be sorry.


Here, with no love, from the little girl who was broken by you, but no more.

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