2016 greet the day

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When the sun goes down, the vast majority of people like to hide underneath their heavy, ivory comforters with a couple of coffee stains here and there and they fall into a slumber for
  Sometimes, when life feels hopeless Or My day ahead seems Rough And,  I don’t want to get up I remember 
Hello sun and morning breeze Good morning puppy kisses and soft pillow sleeves. The day may be long and dark nights longer But for the love of life I will keep moving onward.  
The sun rises at it's start and while sunsets mark it's end, a day is not over, Until you share it with a friend.
The Soft Whisper Stranded, alone and terrified I remain Day after day it seems like I will go insane. I do not know why I woke up today,
In the morning I wake up And don't want to get out of bed I couldn't sleep last night With everything in my head   I was thinking about college And the rest of my life
I love you.                                                                                                 Not in a romantic way, but rather in a romanticized way.                                                                                   
the strenth of the lion is in it's pride to my friends who give me an other reason to keep going another reason to try again another reason not to quit another reason to get up in the morning
I ponder how my life would be If I never cared. My friends may not be there for me, Though friends I may not have. If I never cared, I could not make new memories. "What is done is done," they say,
As the sun rises over the mountians, I too must rise. I greet the day with sleep clouded eyes, And tangled bed head. Even so, I look forward to each day.   Every day is a blessing,
One beam, shining through the cracks of the blinds. The warmth beaming down my face, hearing the pitter patter of my sister getting dressed for school. Feeling the cold air ripple through my bare skin as I stand.
The sun is so powerful Bright with extra radiant  Extraordinary light illuminates the sky The light kisses my face Oh how I feel the warmth of its embrace I open my eyes 
It’s not what wakes me up in the morning it’s what keeps me up at night. Because I wake up and my first words are “I’m going to take a nap later.” Then I get home.
Aspirations are cool Having to get up early for school Is not But getting up to try Getting up to succeed Now that is pretty cool My dreams allow me to get up
A chance to completely change my rough life Gives me a reason to rise, awaken, And my determination’s bitter strife Makes “impossible” something forsaken.
Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment you wake up because someone is screaming; Imagine that he or she is begging for help; Imagine how the tears fill up your eyes, When you realize that there's nothing you can do.
A dream A hallway, my heels softly clicking as I walk The polished table A clipboard Perched precariously on the edge
I greet the day with great cheer, I greet the day with no fear, I love my family, my home, and friends, They help me through the curves and bends, I greet the day with no fear,
Take a deep breath, one foot out from under the plush comforter Then the other Bed head and newly formed pimples aside I can greet the day   I am lucky I say to myself As I rub the tired from my eyes
Each and every day,Monotony is one step away.Find your passion and chase it down,There’s no shame, no matter wait they may say.
I just left school without experience, I can't get a job without experience. But I keep rising. Like a bird in water, I'm freezing cold And I feel overwhelmed when my life overloads,
I am a geniunely nice person. I am kind and well mannered. I am calm and I know exactly what I am doing with my life. I see nothing but the best in everyone. I am truly happy to be alive.
To be Lazy is a dream Waking up feels mean. My cloud of Imagination Is turned to dust  Waking up in the morn'  And laying on a bed of thorns I am rusting like the Tinman of Oz.
I lazily wake up  drowiness drowning me my bedsheets strangling me and eyeboogers in the corner of my eyes my knotted hair resembling that of a bird's nest not a very pretty sight but the day is bright
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