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Akilah, an Arabic and Swahilian name belonging to a melanin being of light with a golden-brown crown that shimmers in the sun.
Dear Mr. Biological Father, As a young child, all I ever wanted was a real dad. All of the dads in the movies played ball and ran around in the yard with their kids.
I am invincible.  
Who said the wind does not sing who said the roses do not bloom  who said I cannot love myself     At age six  she tried to dull my wind  she tried to clip my roses 
                                             When will Life Start    
My Job is simple, become an anchorwoman for a major news station like Cbs or Fox news. Easy right? No 
Life is cruel Life is pain Life will make you go insane   Life is mad Life is mean Life will make you loath being a teen   Life is evil Live is crazy
I am not the sway of my hips, i am not a fully figured women with a nice waist and sweet lips. You can compliment me on the texture of my hair, compliment me on the color of my skin. But to know me is to know the person deep within.
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