Akilah, an Arabic and Swahilian name belonging to a melanin being of light with a golden-brown crown that shimmers in the sun.

Humidity kisses the coffee colored summit to create a frizzy geometric pattern of coils that stand erected in presence of wind or rain as she walks.

Her being radiates beautifully placed symbols of her culture.

The ankh symbolizes the success of her ancestors and the crystals fill her aura with brightly charged energies.

She holds her head as high as the clouds with her African wrapped scarf that protects her crown chakra.

As she travels through the golden and silver void, the arms and hands of the lifeless reddish-brown stalks tries to reach out and shake her hand.

An orange and red orb of light appears to her in its purest form and a liquid drip from the air talking to her each time it hits the ground.

It is at this moment Akilah encounters to the colorful sea of people, wandering in the abyss.

Rays of blues, grays, greens, and browns met with a black pit reminding her of black holes amidst the universe.

She then finally studied their souls and found a distinct hue in each of their soft tissues indicating the different positions each person held in the  society. 

A society in which the pigment of each persons’ skin defined them with labels of poor and rich or evil and angelic.

Akilah then realizes the injustice behind the society that was created with the intention of hurting the melanated people.

She knew she needed to change this unjust society, so she used her creative ideas to become the symbol of her tribe

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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