letter to myself

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hug who you love if i could offer you only one tip for the future, it would be to hug. don’t ever question if it’s okay to embrace your loved ones, it’s been proven that people love to love and to be loved.
Dear me, you are more than a score, more than every embarrassing moment that breaks you to your core. you are more than glances, more than what anxiety tells you
Dear Little Kaylee, If only you knew what your future holds, Your accomplishments, your heartbreaks, Your best and worst moments. You will encounter hardships, But they will shape your character
Dear Black Girl, Let me start by saying I apologize for all the times I didn't recognize the beauty in my brown curls and shake in my thighs   for when I let others tell me
I know you get confused about the concept of love, and i'm sorry that you would scream at whats above. Thinking you were incapable of feeling for anyone.
  I killed that little girl Thought she wasn't good enough for this world Buried her deep in the past She was unearthed at last My darling, I'm so sorry for what I did Everything good about you I hid
Well shit I really hope your life is not the same as it is now That you have some level of control you could never ifind in the bottom of a bottle Or a handful of pills Self harm scars Or hospital bills
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