Dear Future Me,

Well shit

I really hope your life is not the same as it is now

That you have some level of control you could never ifind in the bottom of a bottle

Or a handful of pills

Self harm scars

Or hospital bills


I really hope you figured your mood swings out

Because the depression has had its hands around your neck for way too long

And its time you told it no

And socked it right in the face

Because the ups that cause racing thoughts, wired intentions, and a lack of sleep altered

With your perception of how you feel and who you really are

Really bring a toll on how to live your life


I really hope you learned to love yourself

Because you have something to offer this world

Something unique from any other

Any brother or mother or friend or stranger

Because you carry your past on the scars on your wrist

The wishes you made

Dreams you thought could never come true


Dear future me, hopefully,

All I really hope for you is that you’re okay

And if you’re not

That’s okay,

Because someday you will be

I promise



Your number one fan

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