I killed that little girl

Thought she wasn't good enough for this world

Buried her deep in the past

She was unearthed at last

My darling, I'm so sorry for what I did

Everything good about you I hid

Your smile was something to be shared

Your intelligence couldn't be compared

But I wasn't satisfied with you

Choked the life out of you as you turned blue

I brought those monsters in your head

I'm the reason why you bled

Your wonderful legs, so unmarred

I'm the one who covered them in scars

I took their bitter words to heart

And slowly tore you apart

Why did I listen to what they said?

Put all those terrible thoughts in your head

Made you hide your smile and curse your eyes

My oh my how times flies

Thought you were gone, just a memory

But up from the dirt you're crawling to me

Your complexion, oh so fair

I burned it up trying to match theirs

It's a wonder you lived that long

Everything I did was just plain wrong

I kept trying to fix you like something was bad

But I never realized just what I had

I'm so sorry my love for the awful words

And all the lies that you heard

Made you question everything about your wonderful self

You were too young to be pulling a mask off a shelf

And wearing it everyday

Trying to make the hate go away

But what they said got under my skin

Looking back I had forgot where I'd been

And what I did to you

Tried to make you brand new

I cut you up and made you cry

Not a day went by

That the voices in your head didn't take the face of friends

The words cut into you until the end

I killed this poor little girl

Because something is terribly wrong with this world

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