'love' 'heartbreak' betrayal

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I recalled the day I bumped into you. Should I say Physically bumping? There was this cranky wall I observed; how come you haven't noticed it? It stood between us; I touched it but it never bulged
Who could ever knew  The one I trusted and loved  Could ever hurt me and leave me in misery  I ask myself why?  That this can not be a lie  For the love of my life  Has violated something pure 
You must not know how much you've affected me, You must not know, cause maybe I thought we were meant to be, Or maybe it's me, mixing love and lust, it's chemistry, Knew you were not the one to fulfill my every need;
I read the Bible to you but you searched for God at the end of alcohol bottles drunken lips and broken mind tongue that spoke of every name but mine. You told me my body was a temple
i asked you once if you were allergic to anything you replied no i later realized that the words i’m sorry were the only words
Dear J, I told myself I would forgive & Take the weight of your world Off my shoulders, But the soft consonants of your name Are too hard
I am not your alcohol. You can’t drink me, bottles upon bottles and forget my name when tomorrow morning hits. I refuse to be anyone’s drunken mistake.  
I want to know why all these Misconceptions Miscommunications Misinterpretations Climbed into your head. Twisting and turning like vines on aged buildings. Where did it go wrong?
Twirling my blonde locks in your hand, Faint whispers falling, Under your breath. I smell her heavy kiss, Inside the curve of your neck. Please don't take another step, Tell me how you fell for Juliet.
You told me once that you loved meYou told me once that you'll never leave meYou told me that you'd keep your promisesYou told me that my heart was sa
Once Upon a time I fell in love At the time I was innocent, a small white dove I looked at the world with big bright eyes And chose to believe all the alleged darkenss was lies  
I remember my first day here, It was cold and windy Yet the sun was out shining Bringing some warmth on this cold day   You were sitting on a bench,
Pain?  This pain i cant seem to tame, I never thought i would experience this  because i just miss... i just miss you, i just miss us even when people say "it was just lust."
The end of the road that's now bitter and cold it's so hard to let go even though you both know it wasn't love take a step back and see all the facts how he wore a disguise, and told only lies 
Shivers, up and down your back Such a gaze makes your mind go slack The bitter cold of catching that one's eye Worse than an outright lie It's just the wind It's not like you have sinned  
Once I saw myself upon a cloud Of trust I was a champion proud. But then the night came               And the dark stole away The light that returned not with the day.  
my teeth chatter at the sound of your name my eyes close tightly and I hear the whispers from before you’ve ruined me
It was 3 A.m when the only sound around was her crying Crying your name because of the pain you gave her 3 A.m conversations no longer live Not a single 3 A.m giggle
Inside the saliva that forms when she parts her lipsThe dream was a steady dripHe knewArt never passes beyond an approximationUnless it reaches someoneBut to know the woman he loved dug her claws into his skin
Long nights on the phone, So I won't feel so much alone. Our conversation was about every and anything, Oh, I wish it wouldn't end.   This thing called love had us together, 
you you were not capable of love i'm not sure you ever were because back then i believed a broken heart could be mended a hand always extended but now
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