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Look outside. Find a reason why you feel this way. You seem happy. You seem serene. You seem strong. All I hear are lies. I'm confined.
Blood, gushing seems like an eternity. Tears, Strolling down creating a river. Suddenly It's stops, However only to resume rushing.
I am… I am a poet. Overwhelming, destructive thoughts. She said write. So I wrote. She said don’t paint your skin red.
How can you let your pain go when its everywhere you go? It sticks on you like a leech sucking the life out of you. Theirs always something that makes you think  of what it could've been. I can take on only so much
"It won't hurt"   He said   But were you   Speaking for that moment   Or for the   Rest of my life?  
Narrow is the passage that leads to your heart, And as I search for your love, I never come close nor am I ever good enough to have it,
Road kill Death has hit me I'm decaying away Forever forgotten on this highway
The cuts across my wrist. As I cut and I a fist. The first one, then the second, next the third My pain shall not be heard. I cannot get it straight As the cuts describe my fate
My mouth is a cave of deceit. It has little teeth like rocks which’ll tell you that blue eyeshadow really works for you, and a serpentine tongue that will be the first to tell you
For someone who spoke fluent English, I didn’t know how to say a lot of things. Words that, in the mouths of others, flowed like tropical water,
I desire nothing more than freedom, From my own personal Hell But worries wake me, From melodious dreams Where daggers and swords, Pierce my afflicted heart
The noose wrapped around my neck It’s loose. Kick the chair out I dare you. Not that it matters Hear the chair clatter
When my mother saw my scars she asked me “Should I be worried?” When my first love saw my scars he said “Don’t worry, I have them too.” When my best friend saw my scars she said “Wow, that’s so edgy.”
Roses are red, violets are blue the sunshine is warm, at once so were you but now the sunshine is gone, the flowers are dead you hide behind your eyes, inside your head
I cut the cord and now I’m floating here above the bloody mess that used to be the thing they called me not quite a person just me  
Before you open your mouth to spit hateful words,why don't you take a glance at whose around you.
Just hug me Pet me like a bunny I feel safe in your arms No harm can be done   A barrier you provide To external harm
It's a little misery from a place my mother's stomach to my abusive sibling and dad I am born to be infuriated born to not be able to change it to be shocked condemned into a religious
What would they say   If they could see   The blood   Pooling   Under my sleeve even now,   Red as the glass of wine   My mother hands me  
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