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Assertive assuming actions dripping droplets of judgment and discord upon another existential existence for the very, personalized experience that had brought them to resistance in traditional constituents...well that my friend is a flaw most wear
beauty is perpetually imperative to my existence.   i pride myself on the fact that i can view even the ugliest things as breathtaking and groundbreaking,  
Girls go to college for knowledge, apparently knowledge brings power
Pacing the hallway back and forth, I feel my breath quicken with each step. I receive the signal to enter the room,
 Dear Mom,  
A broken head and broken soul Struggling to make sense. The past two months took a tole I feel my body on defense. As I look to the ones close, They don't know how to help. My mom thinks she knows
Always have open eyes to the world around you And open ears to the sounds that surround you But if it is negative thoughts or words being said  Dont let them in for they will surely drown you  
At parties, I will do some freaky dances with calories cus I’m like nutella dark, chocolate, and nutty.  Yeah,  I’m not one to hide my love of food,  in front of you, I’ll demolish a 
He is empowered But you, powerless Have not they gave any trusted name
You asked me, for my name
There is a light behind my eyes
Days wear on, My jeans feel weaker, I begin to feel like a pawn,
He's not worth my love, He's not worth my feelings. He's not worth my pain, And me getting upset over things. He's not worth my thoughts, He's relevant no longer. He's not worth my sadness
Rolled between my thumb and forefinger
Brisk coldness  Forgotten and Ignored Muddled in a mess But never alone
If everyone read National Geographic There would not be as many things to report about in National Geographic   If young girls were surrounded by images of beauty and strength
And maybe those pains in your chest aren't heartburn, but the ache that comes from not living up to your own potential,
I am not here to take notes for you, I will not sit in the back seat, I will not grow my hair to wash your feet, I don't care much for your religion, I don't care much for your knights, What I do care for,
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
"Momma, you are a vivacious woman with enormous potential." "Son, the corrupt has taken away my innocence." "But you have given us all birth."
Rise Fall Rise Fall Fall Fight, hold on. Breathe Breathe, barely breathe Fight. Run, Waging War against monarchies against worlds Your seed of hope against a world of dreams deferred
Spoken words that are known by many understand by little is called poetry what it means to me is lyrics running through my head words that ever one has but can't understand them  emotion is a form of expressing one's self
I write to show the beauty in freeing your soul by using words. I write to create the security of those who just want to speak up and discourse as freely as the birds.
  He is slow moving smog poisoning everyone around him constricts their breathing A willow canvasing the ground below creating a barren desert beneath its branches blocking all sunlight in its path
I live in a hood where dreams are unreal People are idolize for drug deals and kills I refuse to fall victim to Cleveland's curse I rather fall victim to the jail system first
Embrace who you are, and you'll go far, don't live in fear, for then you won't see the world clear.
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