I Am

Pacing the hallway back and forth,

I feel my breath quicken with each step.

I receive the signal to enter the room,

So I stroll inside,

Staring straight ahead to the podium.

When I arrive, I look out into the crowd,

My mind going blank,

Listening to the music in the background.

When I am ready, I take a deep breath.

My release is the first words of my story,

"Last night, each of us were asked to look at the movie of our lives."

As those words escaped my lips,

I continue with my witness talk,

Telling my audience about how to be set free.

At the conclusion of my talk,

My friends run up to give me a hug,

Crying as we hold each other.

I learned that day about breaking free,

Because you cannot be a captive to your fears.

You cannot let judgement and critiques control your life.

You cannot let your overthinking overtake you.

You have to have faith in yourself.

You cannot let depression consume you.

You are in control.

You have the steering wheel.

You are in charge of your life.

These words mean nothing unless they are put into action.

This includes me.

In order to have this reality,

I must believe it myself.

I cannot let judgment control my life.

I cannot overthink decisions.

I have to have faith in myself.

I am not going to let depression take me over.

I am in control.

I have the steering wheel.

I am in charge of my life.

From that intimidating talk,

I realized that I have the strength in me.

I have a full life ahead of me.

I am powerful.

I am in control.

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