safe driving

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I'm riding in front of you. Hopefully you can SEE me. In my rearview I see you holding your phone in front of your face.
The hydrant at the corner is missing, The windshield is red. Beneath the hood sounds a lot of hissing. A neighbor's dog barks off his head.   My friends in the back are cold While I'm still warm.
My dad's an alcoholic, so naturally, I've always been afraid of him drinking and driving. Sources say that ever 53 minutes,  someone die from a drunk driving accident. My dad could easily have been one.
Dear my sweet friend,   You were texting behind the wheel Promise me you wont do that again Your life is young and you have a future So I’m going to ask you to refrain  
Driving is all fun and Games   until all the fun and games come to an end because of a stupid decision made by you and a friend  
A man leaves his house at 11 pm he and his wife fight about everything she's leaving him it's frustrating
Fear consumes a soul All signs of hope are aborted Emerald lights turn ruby Speeding through, a prey eludes it's predator Lights, blinding, peirce the mind A clash of indigo, chrimson and balcktop
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