Dear Sweet Friend

Dear my sweet friend,


You were texting behind the wheel

Promise me you wont do that again

Your life is young and you have a future

So I’m going to ask you to refrain


I had a friend just last year

She and I were like two peas

But one day she was texting and driving

And death took the chance to seize


I never got to say goodbye

My last words to her were “what’s the homework”

She took the risk and checked her phone

And the fate I try to shirk


I was with her mom when the cop came

He clarified the seal of her fate

We cried in each others arms for hours

That night I was so irate


If she hadn’t checked,

She’d still be here

In fact so would her mom

alas, she’s only a tier


I don’t tell you this to make you cry

I just want you to live

Texting and driving is a waste of time

So when it comes to your life, don’t let it be a determinative

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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