Drive Safely

A man leaves his house at 11 pm

he and his wife fight about everything

she's leaving him

it's frustrating

he hasn't had anything to drink

he hasn't had a moment to think

he sits in his car and contemplates

he remembers the spring of 96 

when he meet this beautiful girl

with wide swinging hips

and lips longing to be kissed

he remembered her eyes light up when she saw him

remembered the first time she said she loved him

and the first time he felt the love himself

starting the car and driving aimlessly 

he remembers the night it fell apart

took a hesistant turn into a bar 

to hang out with some friends

saw her sitting at the booth in the back

before he knew it he was waking up in someone else's bed

his wife found out

left turn on a dirt road

didn't know how or who told

but her heart was broke

the trust was gone

for months he tried to make her believe in his devotion

the prospect of a new baby came into play

only made it three months

right turn into an empty parking lot


A woman gets in her car at 11:15 pm

this is the happiest she's ever been

recently engaged to the man of her dreams

her heart is bursting at the seems

She is on her way to her friends house to tell her the news

he proposed on the day of their anniversary

out of the blue

at the same place they meet

at the same time they meet

10:45 pm

a random time 

timing is everything

stopped at a red light checks her mascara

she's been crying

but happy tears

she's waited for this

ten years

but she believes everything happens for a reason

she gets a phone call

she ignores it at first

another red light

she looks down at it

her friend is texting her upset

she and her man have had another fight

she doesn't want to be alone tonight

she decides it is important to text back

she writes back she will be there soon

her friend responds why do I even try

she is about to reply 

when she has to make an abrupt stop

an animal and her children are walking slowly

no other cars are on her side of the road

her phone drops

she reaches down to get it 

The man has had it

his wife has made mistakes too

but all she seems to do

is hold his over his head

he left the parking lot at about 11:10

he's back on the road again

took a stop at a liquor store

an old vice that at the moment seems necessary

and right

two beers

thats all for the night

okay three and thats it

fine four

five and I draw the line

he doesn't see the little red car

slamming her brakes in front of him




A man crashes into the back of a car 

hits his head of the steering wheel

his foot is slammed into the pedal

the impact cause his body to jerk forward and then back

the woman is able to bring her head up seconds before the crash

her car is much smaller than his

the light turned green within the millseconds it took for her to retrieve her phone

and for him to crash into her

and push her car into the middle of the road

cars start to drive towards hers

she struggles to contol her car 

but is unable

she flips over

five times

crashing into the sidewalk

she was not buckled in

her car in on the sidewalk

her body is on the sidewalk

but not in the car

The man is unconsious

but alive

his wife texts him saying she's sorry

and wants him to come home

the woman is unconsious

she doesn't hear the sirens of the police car

she doesn't hearing the ringing of her phone




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Our world


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