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Don't know where to start I guess I'll start with hello My meek beginning
Dear curious stranger,   You wanted to know who I was, where I came from, and what my story is.    My story is written in my hands, Beautiful patterns of henna sprawled across a rough canvas,
I ask them to take a poem And read it Like they were the author,   Or subject, for that matter.   I say drop a lemon-scented pod into a poem And watch it dissolve,  
Hello, my name is Pink. No, that does not mean that I adhere to your traditional views of what you think I am. It does not make me gentle. It does not make me sweet. Hello, my name is Pink.
Hey girl, I can see from a distance that your name should be diamond
    Everything just seems really fragile
 The sophistication of a thought virus
 That erupted in my soul
I am from the sun and sea, fire and earth I am from forbidden love, heat and passion I am from broken laws and wounded souls Constant trips and endless highs   I am from falling snow and raging winds
to start a letter no one knows, this generation has yet learned to grow in love, or simplicity, to be of what used to be,
My name is Renee, consoled by my thoughts, or so I thought. I take words and create to poems, the power within them stays a mystery. I write to express, to heal, to relieve.
I must know your name what secrets lie beneath your face what tears run thick through your veins I must know your name Speak it Tell it to me slowly let your fingers rather than your tongue
(poems go here) Introduction: Haven't written one in a minute, so I figured it's time to eradicate the glasses Remove the tree out of my vision and give the world the opposite of what they're askin
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