PoeticMuse: Her Arrival


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Haven't written one in a minute, so I figured it's time to eradicate the glasses
Remove the tree out of my vision and give the world the opposite of what they're askin
Before I grew up, thought the silver platter would reach me in advance
But having a dependence on something to come through is waiting on a clock with no hands
Doubted the inner me and my capapblities but holding onto the dreams of others
Lost sight of myself with my mind on clutter
Fugitive on the lope leaving all problems toted to the side
Not understanding that it will sneak up like Vodka and taunt me in due time

I realized my rhyme scheme seemed so robotic so I decided to step out of my zone
Write what i'm living and not the life of a "hip-hop" clone
Common said "He used to love her" and I felt like a lesbian for her too
She was my right hand chick and she alwys came through
Sometimes the attitude is off balance so I gotta grab a little bit of Gaye to get her in contour
But then I hear "I would act nonchalant in front of an audience" and remember the personas she always had in store

This audio mirage isn't enough compared to the actions he craves
So--far is what I pushed him, as I was driven away
Yearning to be different from what he wants, his emotion's cage, his thoughts' diary, a simple mist in his spirit
*He feels it breathing life, but fears it*

Beyond recognition, marred with originality, worth more than what Ted Turner can provide
Einstein couldn't understand the complexity of me combined
I couldn't' conclude this expression without telling the different aspects of me
Of where I come from and how I've succeeded


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