deep thinking

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When I Think of You I Think of Something lost but no I'm not sad It was Something Good that ended on Good terms You left to follow Something that was Best for You  And I 
Thinking By Ben Fitzgerald     I was thinking about that sky that sits upon the morning. It  was awfully pink and bright,
Something about you So different from the others Something about youI can’t explain, but I love it Something about youStands out from the rest Something about you I just can’t resist
This was not plenty  Peace, love, but NY times says they still killed Lenny, Playing the same thing, As he stares, thinking about the farm George kills Lenny, Cleansing souls arent enough,
Sit and think.   Thoughts flow like a needle through tapestry. A tapestry tinged with yellow thread Yellow, like my contentment.  
Some say you need absolutely need water Others say you need absolutely need food Still others say you may need someone, perhaps a father? But I say you have the wrong attitude
A Business Calamity By: Jake P   Attractive to All Apparently Altering Animals Artificially At this Aside   Best of the “Bad” Bettering Beasts By Battery Believing it Brave
I am a deep thinker Of the living Of the dead Of the happening Of the unseen Of the omnipresence Of the reasons Of beings that be, become, and then no longer
Are you really you? Creature of my image seen Tangibly nothing
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