Film Study of Life

This was not plenty 

Peace, love, but NY times says they still killed Lenny,

Playing the same thing,

As he stares, thinking about the farm George kills Lenny,

Cleansing souls arent enough,

Like "I am Jack's" if a deep salt solution wasen't hardely rough,

It was love, the love of a Face She Keep In A Jar By The Door,

Or Alice in Neverland, or did I mean Wonderland,

With some FBI type of ` Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,

Like were flying, and dying,

Rose is crying,

The truth is I had a choice and I took the Red pill,

Now ordinary world seems like a fire drill,

Like if Vietnam wasen't a crime,

Like I Dare You To Say What One More Time, 

The train you're waiting for that will take you away,

As we climb the Ladder Of Jacob and die insane,

By far the most complex set of words,

Almost like the Bible and all it's singing birds


This poem is about: 
Our world


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