Some say you need absolutely need water

Others say you need absolutely need food

Still others say you may need someone, perhaps a father?

But I say you have the wrong attitude

The necessities to survive come after you think

Take a moment and let this sink

When you were conceived, you have no thought

It is not until some years later where you can actually remember

Of the things within your world and whatnot

The synapses fire throughout your day without ever catching an ember

It is your conscience, your ability to think that you and I need to survive

Without it, you and I are but a notion, lost in the abyss of possibilities, not sure if we're even alive

Once we have our minds, then we can live

Now we need our water, our food, our special someone

What we think we need is what we need to be active

Our minds tell us the neccisities that need to be put into action

It is with our intelligence, our thought, that is a necessity to life

Life, with all its glory and strife

This poem is about: 
Our world


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