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None of you really see you. You don't even need me. Am I just a joke to you, or do you just not care? Maybe I'm a little different. Maybe I'm not like you. All you ever do is push me around.
School has a bill that is required by all to fit into it.  Its like trying to put a triangle into the circular hole. It just won't fit.  I am a triangle, because I don't fit into the catagory of the circle.
I wonder why kids don't like school We get to hang out with friends we dont see Having that year-end celebration at the pool Making jokes and new friends, that's the key Going here will stop you from being a fool
School Rules are restricting me   These School Rules won't let me be free I can't escape School Rules They are suppose to help me But they tear me down   These School Rules won't let me be free
Back to the dreary prison known as school, the brainwashing ensues. Brains begin to melt into a pool, While the faces of the students look confused. Teachers drone on and on, Students stare off into space,
I sit and stare Trying to care Trying to decipher the point behind your words Weeding out your bullshit
Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil I walk up and open the large swinging doors. Lockers line the hall, but all are quite bare. Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil I had gotten ready, quite late I might say.
If you can put it into Action You make make things Happen. There is no Progress without some Regression So let go of all your Agressions. Read the Sentence Put the time in. Focus and be Determined.
Summer is already over, and only now it hits me.I am a senior. This year.And I am running out of time.What have I done?All of that time that I spent inJunior, sophomore, even freshman year
I'm not really the best at writing poems about school I'm better writing about the person I like, the one I'm probably going to ask to homecoming but maybe not since I'm scared. 
Why get up from my warm bed
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