A Sneak Peek of the Thoughts of Someone Severely Affected by Senioritis

Summer is already over, and only now it hits me.
I am a senior. This year.
And I am running out of time.
What have I done?
All of that time that I spent in
Junior, sophomore, even freshman year
I could’ve used to plan.
My future, my life ahead
Is nearly on top of me.
I am running out of time.
But I am not out of time yet.
I can apply for a job,
yes, I need a car
And a laptop
And funds for
 everything else…
(Senioritis begin!)

Applying everywhere I go,
the theatre, diner, grocery too
Did I mention ice cream parlor?
But there’s so much else to do!

Researching majors endlessly
don’t forget the minors too
Could I make a living?
Would my parents approve?
Should I go for Business
Like my parents tried to teach me,
or something fun like Animation
Oh, what do I want to be?

Which school should I attend?
Within state, out-of-state
City, suburb, country?
It seems any would be great…
And what about tuition?
Seems that nowhere’s really cheap,
I really must start saving
‘Fore I end up in a heap.

But then, where would I stay,
At the school or on my own?
There’s benefits to both
having a roomie or alone.
Again, I really need a job
and come up with some dough
It seems that extra effort here
Is needed for me to grow.

So I’ll also do some scholarships
Spend days glued to my PC
Researching, writing essays too
Every day, not every week.
My email keeps on piling up
with scholarships and more,
I don’t think I’ve ever signed up
on so many sites before.

Let’s not forget that through all this
I still must go to school,
with all these AP and Honors kids
Sometimes I feel like such a fool.
Piled to my neck in homework
all through the dark of night,
My goal of keeping my grades high
Yes, away from sleep, I fight.

I’m running, running back and forth
from school to job to volunteer
I still need to do the scholarships
As the end of the month draws near.
And as I stay up late at night
My mind trying to juggle
Calculus, College, Chemistry
Each night remains a struggle.

Stay awake, just stay awake!
So much must still be done
You’ve got that book report today
Scholarship—another one!
Every thing seems such a blur,
college, scholarships, and work


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