Don't Forget!

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil

I walk up and open the large swinging doors.

Lockers line the hall, but all are quite bare.

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil

I had gotten ready, quite late I might say.

Having packed everything up in a rush, which was rare.

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil 

Students walk past, books held in their hands.

Teachers stood in the hall, all ready to be there.

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil

Another day at school, the bell had already rung.

But as I took a seat, I noticed friends start to stare.

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil

I stood up from my desk, having realized in shock.

I had forgotten something important, and stood in my underwear!

Bookbag, pens, paper, pencil, PANTS!


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