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The selfish act of idolization Relates to the evanescent, bright moon. Autonomous sense of adoration The beholder of beauty will have soon.
To My Aries, Perhaps I have been experiencing a wavering faith. I want to blame someone for the mess I am in. God. The Devil. Someone. Anyone. I have come to the realization that I can only blame myself.
The stars of your eyes glide over my life Your constellations have me hypnotized Fantasizing about your planets I blast rocket ships into your space
I flew, past the skyscrapers tracing in the sky, up an alleyway, dark and dangerous, through the moon as it smiled at me.  With shining yellow eyes, she called me her daughter, and I just nodded and agreed.
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  She has fire in her veins, and venom in her heart. She is cool, calm, and collected But when you cross paths with her She can be your nightmare.  
Perhaps she was too good to be real Left to tempt But never to materialize. All good things are temporary, All but the stars. Even when the moon disappears Those twinkling orbs glow on,
It is not the ocean I see in her eyes, But the radiant Moon, The contellations that define our galaxy, And the Sun we endlessly revolve around. She is infinite, Lost in herself as I long to be.
Afraid of the light Shy away from the sun The moon is your sister The raindrops are your tears
In fire I was born.
A far off dream , is like a scattered memory...
weird thing about astrology signs is that some people say they don't matter
No one understands my agony insideMe. Myself.No one will truly know e.
look up to the sky not  bird or a plane just the big blue sky and its nearing night some say the world is hidden without light but, you see, not just the stars come out at night very far awayI see your powerful glimmering greatness shining from the celestial sky.I long to reach and touch the spherical fire burning inside. -----
Zero Hour, 9AM. The ground rushes away from us at untold speed! Atop this giant rocket-propelled bullet we lift from the very sky itself!   First stage disengaged!
                                                                                I envy Gemini. I envy Orion. I envy Virgo.
Intensity, intuition, in love Intellect, practicality, and ration are all of thee above Passion, emotions, and feelings are what drives us Lying,deceiving, and cheating is what divides us
The dance of time is a rite of eternity, dynamic and never ending. These unremitting bodies harmoniously cycle, solitarily dissenting their vested round.
I speak Pythagorean, Platonic, stars, and shapes, imparting my knowledge to others. They love it, and tell me that I am Minerva, incarnate highest, uppermost, supreme.
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