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Long lost lovers reunite at break A world free from woes, a world without pain. From every passing night to every blooming day, The warmth of the sun distants itself from the age.
I told you I was sorry. You thought I was lying. But it might have been the first true thing we've said to each other in months. I was sorry. I was sorry you thought I would put up with the worry.
We meet by happenstance, fate And I cannot imagine different The way we both create Led to our genesis   To each their own stumbling path Set out for us by our own choosing
I am frustrated with these conventions Which dictate love and romance. Namely, assuming that warmth and adoration Must necessarily be an amorous advance. I don't like to confuse; I'm not being coy.
me you owe it to yourself you owe this to yourself you deserve this you can let yourself have this you can say it to yourself for now, that's enough you don't need to say it to anyone ele
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
To envision, imagine the world like fusion as thee life unfolds a dragon, To speak no evil to hear is good and we only did what we could, The world, dark cold bleak is like a pearl blackened from the deep,
When God creates His souls
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