Points of View are Awesome

Everything is awesome

Until you reaize that it's not

The wold is ugly

With vitiation it is wrought

The sky will always rain, and the world is filled with pain

Pessimim reminds us why we must refrain


Evrything is awesome

The sun is in the sky

Its rays warm my body

And soothe my bight mind

In all the worst, there is always something great

Optimism reminds us to smile and celebrate


Everything is Awesome

But why does it matter?

The universe does not care

No more than mad stars scattered

God is apathetic, and our toils are for nought

Nihilism reminds us from where we start thought


Everything is awesome

That's what is to be expected

It's what this poem is about

Quite meta, but effective

Observe the world carefully, near and afar

Realism reminds us to see things as they are


Evrything is awesome

So many points of view

So always embrace it

For it makes you YOU

Our ideas, our perspectives, though they may divide us

Always in the end will find their ways to guide us

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Tesla Shoup

Sorry for the minor spelling error in the first line of the final stanza, my keyboard has been acting up lately

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