african poetry

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I watch this one dude talk game Try to find a woman to tame She falls more and more for his charm Him only equipped to harm For not even two minutes later He on to something better
I promise I'm not xenophobic brothers and sisters forgive me for my insecurities,I'm only afraid to see you having the courage I lack to get this paper on roll but forgive me If I wronged you.
the system is the reason the hood got so f**ed Up in the first place Everyday we get trapped in the chain Of the system and dressed in the Same costume its no wonder success takes
These streets breaths in silence And writes us all in sentence Forever chained in this corners With code names,I swear you don't want to see these hideous streets come to live at night
Step out of your comfort zone and become unstuck out of your ways and show case your skills to reach your most greatest Levels in life. Be crazy enough to dream while you still have the chance and become more than just the
I am an african child with a troubled journey to success,A cursed spirit that lacks faith for its own creator because I carry a heavy a** dark cloud of fear for my own ancestral chosen path ever since religion forced me to turn my back on real af
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