I promise I'm not xenophobic

I promise I'm not xenophobic brothers and sisters forgive me for my insecurities,I'm only afraid to see you having the courage I lack to get this paper on roll but forgive me If I wronged you.
I promise I'm not xenophobic my brother and you my sister please forgive me selfishness acts but I was only thinking of myself and my poor family,and only now I realise that you and I share the same difficulties you were just brave enough to break out of the circle to make bread for your family. You left me feeling threatened that one day you'll take over my land while I'm still hoping and wishing that my government hires me one day. So i strike for what I think is mine yet I haven't created a dime on my name please forgive me.
I promise I'm not xenophobic because even if my brothers killed your brothers the only hope that's left for both of us now is to team up and fight against those who misunderstands us and misses to see that we are only but pure hustler's out there chasing bank notes that tell a different story to our families' table and the roof on top we live under has no loopholes.
I promise we are not xenophobic its really not our fault that we are spoiled brats under our father Mandela's name,now we are to lazy to work our ass of the ground up,because many are to afraid to make something out of nothing out here in these mzansi streets,but you shouldn't put the blame on us because its also not our fault that our officials carry greed like a pirate parrot on their shoulders while sailing away with money meant for the people. -PRINCE MORETSI,south africa

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My country


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